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“I am extremely pleased with the top-notch services provided by Executive Healthcare Solutions. As an expat, navigating International Health Insurance can be daunting, but the team at EHS made it seamless and straightforward. They ensured that I had access to the best hospitals, notably the premier facilities in Kenya. I can confidently say that their commitment to quality service and comprehensive coverage has provided me with peace of mind in my healthcare journey abroad. Highly recommended for anyone in need of exemplary healthcare solutions!”

Member, EHP

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the assistance I received from Executive Healthcare Solutions. They played an integral role in helping me secure travel insurance, ensuring my family and I were covered during our journeys. Not only did they provide detailed information on emergency medical cover, but they also guided me meticulously on managing any pre-existing conditions for my family’s health insurance. Their expert advice and commitment to delivering tailored solutions have made our healthcare navigation significantly more manageable and reassuring. Highly recommended for their comprehensive and client-centric approach!”

Member, EHP

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Executive Healthcare Solutions, especially during their migration from Aetna to Allianz Care. Throughout this transition, they guaranteed seamless service, ensuring every aspect of our experience remained positive. Notably, our claims were diligently followed up by their dedicated team. Whenever we required any additional services or add-ons, the team was prompt and happy to guide us, always ensuring we had the most up-to-date information. Their professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction are commendable. I can confidently say they are one of the best healthcare solution providers to work with in Nairobi, Kenya. Highly recommended!”

Member, EHP

“The care managers from EHS truly go above and beyond for patients, showing a level of dedication that is commendable. Notably, the EHS clinic at Aga Khan University Hospital has proven invaluable. This clinic provides patients with immediate access to EHS representatives, simplifying the process and ensuring continuous support. Executive Healthcare Solutions exemplifies professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine care for patients, making our collaboration both smooth and impactful.”

Member, EHP

“For over a decade, our collaboration with Executive Healthcare Solutions (EHS) has been a rewarding journey of growth and partnership. Throughout these years, EHS has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing their services and nurturing the relationship we share. We are proud to be associated with a partner who values progression and mutual success. Anticipating many more years of fruitful collaboration, we remain optimistic about the continuous betterment and accomplishments that our partnership with EHS will bring forth.”

Provider, Partner

“Generally very satisfied with all aspects of care”

Provider, EHP
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