A. Existing conditions may be specifically excluded and the terms of any exclusion will be noted on your insurance certificate. These will be assessed at the time of application based on the information you declare to us. Undeclared conditions will be excluded and will invalidate your cover. If your underwriting terms are moratorium, cover for all pre-existing conditions (and related conditions), with the exception of congenital conditions, is excluded during the first two years of membership. After this period, should an eligible condition recur, provided you have been treatment, symptom and advice free for a continuous period of two years since joining the plan, then the future costs will be covered which have been declared and accepted by us in writing.

If you prefer, our Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) option covers pre-existing medical conditions provided you submit a full medical declaration for us to assess. We will agree to either accept all or some of your pre-existing

medical conditions and may charge an increased premium, exclude all of your pre-existing medical conditions, or decline cover altogether